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Newsletter March 2009

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Conference update
- 8 May 2009, Dutch Society of Gene Therapy (NVGT) Spring Meeting
- 22 – 24 June 2009, Phacilitate 8th annual European Vaccine Forum and Active Immunotherapeutics Forum
News: Gene therapy gets closer to a 'cure'
Two decades ago, medicine seemed on the cusp of a revolution. Doctors would soon treat diseases at their very roots, inserting good genes to replace patients' faulty ones. Gene therapy was a seductively straightforward idea that offered promise for treating everything from cancer to sickle cell disease. But only now, after overcoming unexpected scientific obstacles and the high-profile death of a teenage patient, is gene therapy racking up some clear-cut successes. Promising studies are sending ripples of excitement through the field. Some researchers are daring to use the word cure. Tue, 3 Mar 2009.
News: Gene Therapy Shows Early Promise For Treating Obesity
With obesity reaching epidemic levels, researchers at the Ohio State University Medical Center are studying a potentially long-term treatment that involves injecting a gene directly into one of the critical feeding and weight control centers of the brain. Scientists have discovered that a particular gene, BDNF, can result in improved insulin sensitivity, reduced fat mass and weight loss when active in the hypothalamus. The findings are published online in the journal Nature Medicine. Fri, 13 Mar 2009.

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