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Companies - G

Gene Medicine Japan Inc.
Japanese based company committed to research and develop innovative gene medicine technologies such as adenoviral vectors and cell processing.
Biotechnology company with long standing expertise in AAV production, AAV vector optimizion, capsid evolution and new AAV generation.
GenePharma Shanghai
The company has internationally lead siRNA chemical synthesis complete core technology, including RNA monomer synthesis technology, common and chemically modified siRNA oligo synthesis technology.
Commercial firm focused on developing reagents for transfection, gene expression, gene Silencing, RNA interference, primary cell culture, and sample preparation in proteomics research.
Genomics, Inc. Shanghai
Company's mission is to develop novel therapeutic products for diseases prevalent in Asia, especially in the areas of lung fibrosis, liver fibrosis, cancer, and new biomaterials for bone healing. Shanghai Genomics also provides drug registration services and operates as a clinical research organization (CRO).
George Clinical
George Clinical is a leading clinical contract research organisation company in Asia with over 260 global staff. George Clinical provides the full range of clinical trial services to pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech customers, for all trial phases, registration and post-marketing trials. George Clinical combines scientific and clinical leadership with expert trial delivery capability to create a distinctive world-class service CRO.
GenVec, Inc.
Biopharmaceutical company developing gene-based therapeutic drugs and vaccines. Lead product TNFerade™ is used in locally advanced pancreatic cancer, rectal cancer, melanoma, and head and neck cancer. GenVec uses adenovector technology to develop vaccines for infectious diseases.

Information Companies

Overview of biotechnology companies involved in gene therapy and/or cell therapy, as well as contract research organizations (CRO) and medical supply companies.

The provided information about the companies is just a summary of the information giving on their websites and is therefore not always complete, correct and/or exhaustive. Please visit the companies websites for a complete picture of the company.

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