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Companies - V

  VBL Therapeutics
VBL Therapeutics is a publicly traded (NASDAQ: VBLT), late-stage clinical biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of first in class treatments for cancer. VBL’s clinical pipeline is based on two distinct, proprietary platform technologies that leverage the body’s natural physiologic and genetic regulatory elements. To date, VBL has developed two programs based on these platforms – an oncology program and an anti-inflammatory program. VBL is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  Vector Gene Technology Company, Ltd.
VGTC is a leader in recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) large-scale manufacturing. Its novel AAV package and purification systems make the producing of AAV to be one of the most cost-effective AAV producing systems.
  Vical Incorporated
Biotechnology company developing biopharmaceutical products based on DNA delivery technologies for the prevention and treatment of serious or life-threatening diseases, like infections diseases and cancer.
  VirRx, Inc.
Biotechnology company with a primary interest in cancer gene therapy. Its broad mission is to develop genetically modified "smart bomb" adenoviruses for use in treating human cancers.
A Spanish biotech company which specialises in gene transfer technologies, and in particular those related to the production of viral vectors under GMP conditions, and their gene therapy applications.

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Overview of biotechnology companies involved in gene therapy and/or cell therapy, as well as contract research organizations (CRO) and medical supply companies.

The provided information about the companies is just a summary of the information giving on their websites and is therefore not always complete, correct and/or exhaustive. Please visit the companies websites for a complete picture of the company.

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