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Newsletter May 2011

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News: Monkey Vaccine Has Promise For Eventual Human HIV Vaccine
A vaccine has been developed that protects non-human primates (monkeys) from SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus), the monkey equivalent of HIV. Researchers reported in the journal Nature that this breakthrough could eventually lead to a vaccine for humans, protecting them from HIV. Louis Picker, M.D., from the Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute (VGTI) in Oregon, and team produced a vaccine that programs monkeys' immune systems to respond more rapidly to the presence of SIV. Researchers from the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative and the National Cancer Institute-Fredick were also involved in this research.

News: Moving gene therapy into high gear
Gene therapy, still experimental but beginning to enter the clinic, attempts to utilize advanced molecular methods to treat and even reverse genetic diseases. The field started in earnest about 25 years ago and has had many setbacks along the way to its recent earliest successes.
International collaboration has been critical. Children’s Hospital Boston is one of the founding members of the Transatlantic Gene Therapy Consortium (TAGTC), a new collaboration that seeks to facilitate a more rapid advancement of this technology for treating human diseases. It was initiated shortly after the first trials of gene therapy for X-linked Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (X-SCID) (in both Paris and London) reported leukemia as a serious side effect. The TAGTC was formed to address this setback, developing safer gene therapy reagents, sharing the costs of their development, and then implementing new gene therapy trials for rare diseases across multiple international sites.


Press Release: Gene Therapy Will be a Vital Part of Future Health Care - Results of Poll on Gene Therapy Net
More than 60% of the people are of the opinion that gene therapy will be a vital part of future health care. Only 3% think that there is no future for gene therapy as it causes more problems than produce solutions. These are the results of an internet poll among the visitors of Gene Therapy Net.

“These results are very promising for the field of gene therapy”, says Dr. D.A. Bleijs, owner and webmaster of Gene Therapy Net. “Over two hundred visitors of Gene Therapy Net responded to the poll. We launched this poll to find out if gene therapy would be considered as a standard treatment for several diseases in the near future. The experience is that the public is often skeptical of new science, like gene therapy. This is mainly due to fact of limited knowledge and the damaging effects of reports of several adverse events occurring in gene therapy trials”. “As the majority of the responders agreed with the statement that gene therapy will be part of standard health care, 28% of the responders thought that more time was needed to evaluate potential of gene therapy”, says Dr. Bleijs.

“It should be kept in mind that the outcome of this poll is somewhat colored as the visitors of Gene Therapy Net will have an interest in gene therapy and therefore will probably be less skeptical”, states Dr. Bleijs. Nearly 6% were of the opinion that the treatment will work only for 'simple' inherited disease like X-SCID, whereas 3% didn’t see any future for gene therapy.


Company: Cardium Therapeutics
Cardium (NYSE Amex: CXM) is focused on the acquisition and strategic development of new and innovative bio-medical product opportunities and businesses that have the potential to address significant unmet medical needs and definable pathways to commercialization, partnering and other economic monetizations. Cardium's current investment portfolio includes the Tissue Repair Company, Cardium Biologics, and the Company's in-house MedPodium lifestyle medicinals brand platform.

The Company's lead product candidates include: (1) Excellagen(tm) topical gel, for wound care management, which Cardium plans to market launch in the fourth quarter subject to pending FDA 510(k) clearance; and (2) Generx(r), a DNA-based angiogenic cardiovascular biologic for patients in international markets with coronary artery disease. In addition, consistent with its capital-efficient business model, Cardium continues to actively evaluate new technologies and business opportunities. News from Cardium is located at


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- 18 - 21 May 2011, International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT) 17th Annual Meeting, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
- 18 - 22 May 2011, American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) 14th Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA
- 22 – 24 May 2011, 6th International Meeting on Gene Therapy of Arthritis and Related Disorders, London, UK
- 29 May - 2 June 2011, Gordon Research Conference: Virusses & Cells, Lucca (Barga), Italy
- 6 - 8 June 2011, The 10th Annual Meeting of the French Society of Cell and Gene Therapy (SFTCG), Nantes, France
- 7 -8 June 2011, PDA Europe Workshop on Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, Helsinki, Finland
- 12 - 14 July 2011, DNA Vaccines 2011, San Diego, LA
- 15 – 17 July 2011, The 17th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Gene Therapy (JSGT), Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan
- 16 – 18 August 2011, ImVacS: The Immunotherapeutics & Vaccine Summit, Cambridge, MA
- 19 - 21 September 2011, Phacilitate’s 1st Asian Cell & Gene Therapy Forum, Singapore
- 21 - 23 September 2011, Annual Meeting of the Spanish Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (SETGyC), Zaragoza, Spain
- 26 - 27 September 2011, ASGCT - NIH Gene Therapy Symposium, Bethesda, MD
- 27 - 31 October 2011, European Society Of Gene & Cell Therapy (ESGCT) and the British Society of Gene Therapy (BSGT) collaborative Congress 2011, Brighton, UK
- 8 November 2011, 4rd annual Workshop on Genome Engineering, Seattle, WA
- 16 - 18 November 2011, 10th Annual Gene Therapy Symposium for Heart, Lung, and Blood Diseases. Focus Topic: Cell Trafficking and the Niche, Sonoma, CA


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